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Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith




Professor and Pastor Catherine Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Kids Lives Matter International, which began in 2017 in Houston, Texas. With over 25+ years in Secondary and Post Secondary (College) experience in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Information Technology Education, she has received a plethora of local, regional, and national awards, as well as speaking engagements.

Catherine Smith has an unmatched passion for educating, serving, and seeing justice for underserved and underrepresented students’, their families, and their communities who may be need.


Through Kids Lives Matter International, which is on 4 continents in the countries of the USA; Ghana  West Africa; Colombia , South America; Mumbai, India , Manado and Jakarta, Indonesia ; Nigeria , West Africa; South Africa , Kenya , and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. KidsLivesMatterIntl has been able to provide hot meals, new beds and bedding, groceries, furniture, personal care items, laptops, mobile phones, school supplies, clothing, and scholarships.


Not only has KidsLivesMatterIntl been featured on most major television networks in the nation for extreme service to the community, but Catherine Smith and Madelyn Traylor (Co-Founder and Co-Director) was awarded Houston’s Hometown Heroes in 2016 by RadioOne/ TVOne, and had the opportunity to be guests at the 47th Annual NAACP Awards in Los Angeles, CA. Catherine Smith was also recognized and awarded as a “Pillar In The Community”, and a “Top 40 Women in Business and Service to the Houston Community”.  Finally, she was granted Waste Management (formerly BFI) Teacher of the Year and the Rotary Club Teacher Of The Year. She is passionate about teaching, developing, and training students and adults, so that they are sharply prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.


Madelyn Traylor

Madelyn Traylor



Madelyn Traylor serves as Co-Director for KidsLivesMatter International. She helps to oversee the day to day operations and logistics for Power4Life Ministries. She also has helped to develop strong partnerships by working very closely with community leaders and organizations, as well as partners and volunteers.


Madelyn oversees logistics and educational initiatives for KidsLivesMatter International, including a current focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

She is a true advocate for all learners, and desires that each student be equipped by providing meaningful and enriching opportunities to grow and flourish.

She currently serves as an educational consultant and coach. She has been teaching for over twenty-five years, and has earned the title of Teacher of the Year in 2008 at Crawford Elementary and in 1998 at Clinton Park Elementary in HISD. She has been recognized as a teacher leader, and has been instrumental in providing support for other educators on a campus and district level.


She has also been recognized as a Pillar in the Community by the Houston Sun and was also recognized as a Hometown Hero by Radio One/TV One along with the NAACP. Madelyn counts it a honor to serve in the community and be a voice and advocate for those that are in need.


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