Help Us in Our  Initiative to Stand in the Meal Gap!

Through Meals Matter, we aim to stand in the meal gap for our low-income families within the communities we currently serve where children are dependent on the free-lunch programs provided by their school. Often, parents of these children struggle to provide daily meals during school breaks, such as Spring Break, Summer Break and many other holiday breaks. During these school breaks, Meals Matter will bring to these children healthy meals and hands-on learning experiences about food choices and nutrition.

Meals Matter At-A-Glance

EAT. At each Meals Matter event, a healthy midday meal will be provided to the children within the community. Meals and supporting activities at each Meals Matter event will be centered on an educational theme.


EDUCATE. In a fun and engaging way, the children will learn about healthy food alternatives and be introduced to the benefits of healthy eating.


EXPERIENCE. Children have the opportunity to participate in an interactive, but easy to do, hands-on meal prep. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in “field experiences” where children can learn about food and nutrition in a memorable and tactile manner.

More than 500,000 Houstonians live in these [food] deserts – that’s a quarter of the city’s population without widespread local access to fresh produce and healthy food options.           Houston Chronicle Dec 15, 2015


Nearly 75% of HISD students 
are economically disadvantaged.