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Kids Lives Matter

Providing What Matters Most to Kids & Students K-16…Life, Love, and Leadership!

Kids are truly the foundation and preparing them for the future is vital – especially those students who are labeled at-risk. According to the US Census statistics, one in five families are living below the poverty line in Harris County. Many families are struggling to survive, and students who are at-risk face many challenges on a daily basis. Kids Lives Matter is an ONGOING initiative to help support students and their families with basic items. Our primary focus NOW are the children and families in the inner city areas in Houston, Texas, specifically in the third and fifth ward areas in the inner city.   


By providing children with the following ESSENTIAL items, you ENABLE us to provide for children who are in need and EQUIP them for success.

MONETARY DONATIONS - KidsLivesMatter welcomes your monetary giving, as funds are needed to purchase food, supplies, educational materials, toys, etc., as well as operating expenses.

A NEW MATTRESS & BEDDING - Each child having their very own bed to sleep in, including a mattress, bed frame and bedding 

NEW CLOTHING - New uniforms for school

PERSONAL CARE ITEMS - Personal hygiene items

SCHOOL SUPPLIES - An ample number of school supplies the entire school year 

NUTRITIOUS MEALS - Healthy and balanced meals that promote growth and development

NEW TOYS AND BICYCLES - New toys and bicycles for children and youth to enjoy 

EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS - Supplies and materials

Family flooded twice still finds time to volunteer in spirit of the season

By Jordan Blum


Kendrell Johnson suffered through the devastating flooding of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and, like many others, she eventually made her way to Houston to start fresh with her five children.

But Hurricane Harvey "was like Katrina all over again," she said, and now they're making do in water-logged and moldy public housing, waiting to be relocated until their current apartment in the Clayton Homes public housing development is demolished because of flood damage.

So it was a temporary respite to take her five children to volunteer and participate with nearly 1,000 others at Sunday's holiday gift and food celebration put on by the nonprofit Kids Lives Matter community service group with an assist from The Steve Francis Foundation and the former Houston Rockets star himself.